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Solv IT is an IT outsourcing company. Born out of necessity for high end IT support and excellent customer service. We provide the following: computer sales, IT outsourcing, IT consulting, disaster recovery, security compliance, managed services, cloud computing, virtual environments, and other IT services. We partner with you, address your specific IT needs, and work with you to minimize the stress of IT.

Our support staff is handpicked to optimize your IT experience. We have been in the Phoenix area since 2002 helping customers with cutting edge technologies. Our office is located in Anthem, Arizona, however, this does not prohibit us from traveling to your business to help with your IT needs. We pride ourselves in making our clients happy and exceeding their goals.

With that, feel free to read, in detail, about the IT services that we provide in more detail.

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Remote Access IT Support

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    If you have put up an online business and want to provide high quality customer satisfaction, then you should be able to provide your site with a remote access IT support. This is the process wherein employees are allowed to connect to the system of the business even if they are not staying in their office. Just like what SolvIt Solutions can provide, their employees or any authorized personnel can make use of the services as long as they know how to access the site and deal with the customers’ needs when they have to. Your business’ employees can also do this even when they are at home or when the office is already closed for the day.

    Through remote access IT support, every business owner can make sure that they can improve their productivity through the support system. Employees can make sure that they can still have their jobs done even when they are staying at home and if they are far from the country where they are working. Even you, as a boss, can also access this and make sure that you can easily connect with the customers whom are not yet attended by some of your employees.

    This option will help your business in gaining more profit because you and your employees can attend to every job needed to be done even if you are not seeing each other in your office or business establishment. It is a great option if you are offering 24 hours services and are dealing with projects that should be done in a certain period of time.

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